Student Permit

You will enter the North Cyprus by Ercan International Airport from the Istanbul airports easily with acceptance letter of university on your self. After registering in university you will receive a student certificate at the same day and then you have to get a rental certificate of house or dormitory that you are staying in, to start the process of getting student permission to stay. For starting the process you have to go the , and sing up with your student ID and the rest of the process will continues online with the hints in the website, then you will receive the date and the hospital that you must visit to do the Compulsory blood test and then after a week or more you will receive the result. You should upload the result on the website and continue the process.

It is important to note that a Northern Cyprus visa does not require a certificate of financial standing.

Parents, spouses and children of students studying at the Eastern Mediterranean University can apply for residency in Cyprus through the Cyprus Immigration Office and will be issued a visa upon tax.

Titles of the blood test :

tilte Cost
HIVŲŒ Tuberculosis and Hepatitis Tests 130 TL
1 year visa 140 TL