About Us

We are an official representative of North Cyprus Universities and all the admission and scholarship process is free of charge.

As an official representative with 8 years of experience in Cyprus, for those who apply through this representative, admission is completely free for all students who apply from this website and there are no fees before and after admission.
All scholars who succeed in obtaining admission through all undergraduate and graduate courses in all fields through us will benefit from 50% guaranteed scholarships (half price tuition) and 25-50% scholarships in the field of pharmacy.
Our admission team has a special program for new students, so that in the first days at all times needed to be with the students and fully accompany them in the university registration and after registration to get acquainted with the environment of the University.
Due to the common problem of all new students in finding a suitable place to stay, our counseling team will accompany them until they find the most suitable dormitory or home.