Bank Account in Cyprus

All students from Northern Cyprus universities can apply for a Student Certificate upon enrollment at the University. Afterwards, they will be referred to the Bank by holding a copy of the student certificate, dormitory or house rental certificate, residence permit certificate and amount of money to pay as wage then apply for opening bank account and getting bank card.

Usually, students from the universities of Cyprus will open their bank account by visiting one of the banks called iş Bank. You must first deposit amount of money to open an account at the bank. The same day your bank card is ready and after about 15 days, a credit card is ready. Usually, the account opened in this bank is in two forms of dollar and Turkish lira, which you can deposit and withdraw both the common currency. You must first convert the dollar into lira and buy it after charging your lira account.

Another bank that recently opened the bank account is the Bank of Agriculture (ziraat bankasi), which students can open their account at this bank like others.

The ATMs usually pay in lira, but some ATMs also have a dollar and euro sign and … which means that you can withdraw the dollar from your account through your card. Otherwise, you must convert your dollar to the lira through your bank account and then withdraw it. Also, after receiving a bank account card, you can easily request an internet service password to make many financial transactions through the bank’s website and the Internet.

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