Phone Registration

Phone registration has started in North Cyprus in September 2016. The North Cyprus government has asked all the living people on the Island to register with their phone sim cards and pay the necessary taxes at tax office. Otherwise, they will be out of reach after 90 days of use.

  • To register your phone, you must go to Lefkosa and the BTHK office.
  • To apply for a student discount, it is imperative to provide a student certificate.
  • Each person with presenting a student certificate can register only one phone and cannot get a student discount for the next two years and should pay normal fees for the second phone registration.
  • BTHK office address: Osman Pasa street (Osman Pasha), next to Domino pizza, Servet Somuncuoglu alley , BHTK Office. Find in
  • After paying for taxes and finalizing registering at the BTHK office, you should refer to the Turk-cell or Tel-sim and to finalize the phone registration.
  • Usually, with the presentation of a student certificate, the cost of registering most phones is about 100 lira, and without presenting a certificate or registering a second phone, the cost depends on the phone model.
  • Passport is required.

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