North Cyprus

north cyprus

North Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Nicosia, which is located almost in the center of the island, is the capital city and is also the largest city. Other important cities in North Cyprus are Famagusta and Kyrenia.

Residents of North Cyprus speak Cypriot Turkish which is one of the dialects of Istanbul Turkish. Of course, most people can speak English and have no problem communicating with tourists.

Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1960. The independent government of Cyprus announced its existence based on the participation of Turkish and Greek communities in the management of the island’s affairs. Britain, Greece and Turkey have guaranteed the sovereignty of the Cypriot government. The Turkish Cypriot settlement declared independence in 1983 and renamed itself the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

The island’s strategic location and connection to many cultures and ethnic groups have led to the use of Cyprus as a mediator, even for major political purposes. As a result, diplomatically, Cyprus is a very important country in the Middle East.

Cyprus is world famous for its mild climate. It also has a rich history and unique beaches. The island has become a popular destination for tourists looking for relaxation, water sports and adventures. 320 days of the year is sunny and there are programs such as swimming, water sports, sunbathing, cycling, walking, etc. Clear blue waters, pristine lands and calm beaches are the most important tourist destinations in North Cyprus, attracting more than 2.4 million tourists annually.

North Cyprus has eight international universities and more than 40,000 students from around the world who are eager to study at these universities