Living Expence


The cost of living in North Cyprus can vary according to each person’s lifestyle. The cost of dormitories usually varies between $3000 and $6,000 for 10 months (2 semesters), which includes the cost of utilities, the internet, and the room.

The cost of renting a house in Famagusta can vary between $200 and $500 per month, depending on the house situation and conditions when you rent it.

The cost of renting a house in Kyrenia can vary between $200 and $500 per month, depending on the house situation and conditions when you rent it.

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Living in a dormitory:

In this regard, we recommend that you be careful in choosing the accommodation and observe the accommodation facilities in person. Read the dormitory contract carefully and be aware of all the dormitory rules.

It is strongly recommended that you do not sign a lease with any person or company before you have seen your home up close.

North Cyprus universities offer 2 days free accommodation so you will have the opportunity to choose your accommodation or dormitory.

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Housing cost:

Living in a private home requires paying for water, electricity and gas. Electricity in Cyprus is expensive and you need to save money. Sometimes if two or three people rent a house together, it will be much cheaper than other types of accommodation.

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Eating cost:

On average, eating expenses are around $250 to $400 per month. Turkish cuisine is very popular in the whole world and many people  find it delicious. Due the geographical location and tourism industry of the Island, North Cyprus gives many options in terms of food choices.

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