Why Study in Cyprus?

Why Study in Cyprus? study.cihanara

North Cyprus is one of the best immigration destinations for students. You do not need to have a language degree to study in Cyprus, and students can start their studies immediately if they pass the university English language test. Also, the cost of studying and living in this country is very affordable compared to European and American countries. In addition, students can participate in a student exchange scheme after completing a few semesters of study at a Cypriot universities and they can continue their studies at a European or American university. In other words, studying in North Cyprus can act as a bridge for studying and migrating to other developed countries of the world.
The country has internationally ranked universities which is why North Cyprus is known as an academic country.
One of the safest countries in the world to study for foreign students is North Cyprus. The existence of suitable conditions and the absence of political differences is one of the most important reasons for educational security in this country.
One of the most important benefits of studying in North Cyprus is that according to the country’s regulations, student families can live with the student in the country as long as they want.